Sprint Retrospective 5

18 April 2018 @ 02:44pm by erik

This sprint I learned a lot more about encryption services and typescript in general. Encryption using Javascript is not the best choice, especially in an open source project but I feel the solution we have will do the job and securely encrypt the data in the more secure way we can. I learned there are many solutions to our problem and a lot of solutions may be outdated or not maintained. We chose Crypto-JS to hash passwords and encrypt and decrypt data, it’s a popular Javascript crypto library and has an MIT license. The last update was a year ago but still feel this properly accomplishes what we want. I noticed there are a lot solutions for Javascript but not many are implemented in Typescript. I learned quite a bit about translating from Javascript to typescript and was able to implement a solution for an encryption function in a typescript service file. I learned more about testing in Angular 2 but still am having some trouble with tests. I will keep on focusing on writing good tests that comply with the Ampath standards. I enjoy getting to work on something that’s actually used by people, and will help people do their job. It’s nice to get experience working with a real web application that uses Javascript and APIs. I feel this will help me in my professional career, and will help the Ampath team improve their project.

I felt the team worked well during the sprint. We have all been having problems keeping the web application working and it seems to break even though the local files have not been touched. We all have the application working now and are on to writing the functions needed for the other teams to utilize. We have split up the tasks amongst ourselves and will hopefully have a working solution by the end of the the next sprint. I don’t see anything stopping up from completing the tasks, and we got the O.K. from Jonathan on the Ampath team on the encryption API interface. I am currently working on the encryptRecord function and am utilizing Crypto-JS for that. I have a function now that I think will do the job but still need to work on my angular 2 testing skills to make sure the function will work properly.

We began the sprint with the intention of creating an encryption service file that has the following functions: hashPassword, a function that hashes passwords with a salt when the user logs in. clearLocalSalt, a function that will clear the local salt generated at login, when the user logs out. encryptRecord, a function that takes data and a private key and encrypts the data for save local storage. decryptRecord, a function that takes the private key and encrypted data and decrypts it for when the user is connected to the internet. Now that we have a clear path and the O.K. from the ampath team, we can concentrate on our individual tasks and work the offline login team for assistance in generating a salt with a username and timestamp.

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